The B.Sc., Nursing degree program is a four-year full-time program comprising eight semesters, which prepares qualified graduates to practice nursing and midwifery in a variety of settings in either public/government or private healthcare settings.

The course adopts credit system and semester system as per the Authority guidelines with minor modifications suitable to professional education in a hybrid form. The program encompasses foundational, core and elective courses. The choice-based system is applicable to electives only and is offered in the form of modules. Modular learning is also integrated in the foundational as well as core courses that is mandatory.

The program prepares nurses and midwives for generalised nursing including midwifery practice. Knowledge acquisition related to wellness, health promotion, illness, disease management and care of the dying is core to nursing practice. Mastery of competencies is the main focus. Students are provided with opportunities to learn a whole range of skills in addition to acquiring knowledge related to nursing practice (nursing and midwifery). This is achieved through learning in skill lab/simulated lab and clinical environment. Simulation will be integrated throughout the curriculum wherever feasible to enable them to develop competencies before entry into real field of practice.

The revised curriculum embraces competency-based and outcome-based approach throughout the program integrating mastery learning and self-directed learning. Transformational and relationship based educational approaches are emphasised. Through the educational process the students assimilate and synthesise knowledge, cultivate critical thinking skills and develop care strategies. Competencies that reflect practice standards of the Council address the areas of cultural diversity, communication technology, teamwork and collaboration, safety, quality, therapeutic interventions and evidence based practice. They are prepared to provide safe and competent care to patients across life span and influence patient outcomes.

Scope of Practice:

The scope of Nursing is widening because of the challenges for healthcare in 21st century in raise prevalence and multi-morbidity of various disease conditions across the world, which demands single disease specific management and continuity in care

  • Nurse-led clinics
  • Tele-nursing
  • General Nursing to specific roles
  • Community-Based Care
  • Nurse Advocate
  • Nurse Counselor
  • Military Health Nurse
  • Space Nursing

Career prospects:

The career opportunities of Nursing encompasses provision of promotive, preventive, curriculum and rehabilitative as per care to people across the life span in wide variety of health care settings.

  • Nurse Educator
  • Primary Health Care Provider
  • Advance Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing Officer, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Nurse – Midwifery Practitioner
  • Home Health Care Nurse
  • Maternal and Child Health Officer
  • School Health Nurse
  • Occupational Health Nurse
  • Women’s Health Clinics
  • Geriatric Health Nurse
  • Super Speciality Nursing Roles:
    • Cardiothoracic Nursing
    • Neuro Nursing
    • Nephro Nursing
    • OT Nursing
    • Oncology Nursing
    • Mental Health Nurse
    • Child Health Nurse
    • Orthopedic Nurse

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