B.Sc., Critical Care is a combined undergraduate program of two significant courses which play a vital role in dealing with emergency and critical care patients.

Expert emergency care physicians and intensivists will guide students during this course. They will also be exposed to challenging environments such as Hi-tech Emergency Departments, Intensive Care and Critical Care Units, and Ambulance services with advanced cardiac life support.

Students will be thoroughly trained to skillfully handle machines and equipments such as invasive and non- invasive ventilators, syringe pumps and medical gas supplies. Additionally, they will also learn about all the various medical departments under the guidance of expert physicians. Students of B.Sc., Critical Care will also be made to handle and treat patients in emergencies.

After graduation, Critical Care Tech graduates will be able to handle all kinds of emergency and critical care cases in Casualty, ICU and CCU. They can also work as an emergency technician in ambulance services.

Career prospects:

There are plenty of career opportunities for Critical Care Technicians all over the world. They are employed in the following sectors:

  • Emergency Technician
  • Critical Care Technician
  • Ambulance Emergency Technician
  • Staff in an Intensive Care Unit (Neuro/Cardiac/Ortho/Renal/Onco/Pediatric)
  • Medical Coding
  • Educational services

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